Digital Marketing

The area of Digital Marketing contains many forms. All with the same goal, to reach new customers online. We will work with you to tailor a Digital Marketing strategy suited to your business so you can work smarter and budget effectivly.

What is Digital Marketing?

Your website should be helping you achieve overall business goals and ultimately get you new customers. Getting a new website should only be the beginning of the process. 

Important: You can’t sit back and hope users will flock to your new website.

Through Digital Marketing we can help you post-launch to identify where your potential customers are and help you devise a strategy which best serves your customers and in turn increase the success of your website.

Below we have listed some of the areas Digital Marketing which we can help you with.

Analytics + Reporting

Record website traffic and conversions. This will help influence your website strategy, find out more about how people use your website.

E-mail Marketing

We use Mail Chimp, an e-mail platform that allows you to send custom, branded e-mails directly to your customers inboxes.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is massive for business. However choosing the best channels for your customers can ensure more success in attracting new business.

Digital Strategy

A tailored Digital Strategy will help you to focus your resources when it comes to promoting your business online. Work smarter with a proper strategy.


Search Engine Optimisation a process with the ultimate aim of increasing the organic (free) traffic to your website. We have a full section on SEO.


We can provide you with training to allow you to manage your digital marketing efforts in-house. This includes social media training and content creation.