Football Special

World famous in Donegal. Football Special is a soft drink created by the McDaid family in Ramelton, County Donegal. Synonymous with childhood trips to the beach, picnics and family fun.

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The Challenge

Working along side the communications team at the Association we soon identified the main challenges for the project.

The existing website contained a wealth of important information. Lots of PDF and Word documents meanth information was difficult to search.  The primary challenge identified was to restructure this information to make it easier for the user to find and digest.

The secondary challenge was to improve the mobile browsing experience. As with most websites of this type, traffic sources from mobile devices are much higher than desktop traffic. Therefore it was important to optimise the browsing experience for mobile.

Camogie Association Website Layouts

The Solution

Through our discovery process, we identified the key users of the website and what they would be looking for. We then set about our Sitemap and Wireframing process which would give us an overview of what the new website could potentially look like.

Through a series of interactive prototypes we created a custom responsive layout focusing on the different news post types: article, video and podcasts. Creating an easy to navigate sub-section for the most important content was also required. We then added the visual design, using the Association’s brand guidelines to ensure we stay on brand.

The new Camogie Association website is built using WordPress. We created a bespoke WordPress theme using SASS and custom automation to ensure the site would be fast to load for the user. One of the key features of the new site is the Search functionality, we enchanced the built in WordPress search function to ensure easy of use.

At a glance

Camogie Association Rich Media

Transferring content

The previous website has 12 years of content which included news articles, images and page content. It was contained within a bespoke Content Management System so one of the major technical challenges for our developers was to successfully move all that content and format it for WordPress.

In all it was over 4,500 news articles, and nearly 100 pages of content. We successfully downloaded, formatted and re-uploaded the content onto the new Camogie Association Website.

It also gave us the opportunity to work with the client to carry out a content audit and simplify pages where possible. The result was a cleaner, easy-to-use website, designed and built with the key users in mind.

Camogie Association old Website
Camogie Association New Website

"We worked with LD2 for the design of a complete new website for the Camogie Association in April 2020.

The project was handled extremely smoothly from start to finish, being completed on time, on budget and to the specification required.

Their attention to detail and regular communication and collaboration with us made it a very stress free process for all involved."