E-commerce Websites, Omagh. N. Ireland.

Increase your revenue with an Ecommerce Website

Do you need to sell products, services or subscriptions online? We can help you improve your online shop through our trusted Ecommerce system, WooCommerce.

Easy to use, powerful Ecommerce Solution

Whether you need to sell your latest products, tickets for an event or maybe you need to take online bookings for your service, we can help you get your new online store up and running.

Our Ecommerce platform of choice is, WooCommerce, an extension of WordPress. It is easy to use and is a very powerful tool for any online retailer.

You can take online payments via a wide range of payment integrations, manage your stock levels and have endless product variations.

Most importantly we can produce an online store that is easy to use for your customers, and allow you to keep them up to date with automatic notifications about their orders.

Ecommerce solution from LD2 Digital

What can you sell?

Considering opening an online shop? Or need to take payments for a service?


You might have a retail shop and are considering making the jump to become an online retailer too.


With WooCommerce you can take payment for appointments and block out the time on your calendar.


Take payments for tickets, you set the price, limit and you can even provide a PDF ticket option.


Set up online subscriptions to allow your customers to pay for your services on a recurring basis.

Online Payments

With our Ecommerce service you have the option take online payments from your customers. The most popular methods of online payments are Stripe and PayPal

Your customers will automatically be kept up to date.

PayPal Ecommerce online payments