Web Hosting & Website Support Services, Northern Ireland.

LD2 Digital Website Support

Now that your website has been designed and developed, you need a place for it to live on the web – a hosting package to suit your business needs. Have a look below for more information on the ways in which we keep your website safe.

Fast Website Hosting

We offer different options for hosting your website. Everything from hosting for smaller websites on shared servers to dedicated hosting for larger website with higher traffic.

Our hosting can be tailored to meet your needs and budget. All our hosting packages are actively monitored to ensure maximum uptime.

Secure Hosting

It is crucial your website is secure, often times you will store sensitive user data therefore it should be your top priority to have secure website hosting.

We will work with you to ensure you have proper procedure in place when storing hosting logins and regularly update passwords.

Maintainence + Monitoring

Our hosting packages are actively monitored 24/7. We have alerts set up to prompt us should any security or performance issues arise.

If you require additional server space or maybe preparing for a surge in website traffic we can work with you to temporarily upgrade your server whilst providing live support through any special events.