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Search Engine Optimisation (or SEO), is the process of increasing the number of visitors who find your site through organic (unpaid) search engine results.

Improve your Search Engine Rankings

Have you searched Google for your services and noticed your competitors appear above you in the results? Well, that’s potential business you are missing out on.

Research shows that the first 5 results shown in a google search get nearly 70% of all clicks. If you’re on page 2, these results have a click-through rate around 4%. You can see huge benefits from ranking in the top positions for search terms (or keywords) relating to your products or services.

SEO starts with really good web design, but you can’t afford to sit back and hope for traffic to arrive. A tailored SEO Strategy can help you to focus your efforts and work for gains in search results.

Outrank your competitors

Better content for users

Track conversions

What we do

If you go looking for SEO services online you could be forgiven for feeling overwhelmed with all the technical information you might find from SEO providers. Here at LD2 we want to make SEO more accessible, as we feel you are an important part of the process.

SEO Audits

The first step on the journey to improve search engine rankings is to preform an SEO audit. This is to identify technical issues which could stop Google from indexing your pages. We can also look at your competitors to see where you stack up. All our findings are presented to you in a report which includes our recommendations, we can help you carry these out and ensure you are ready to go.

SEO Strategy

Once your website is technically sound, it’s time to put an SEO strategy in place. This can include various different elements, it usually starts with Keyword Research. Ensuring your website has quality content which relates to the search terms you want to rank for. We can then help with content creation, on-page optimisation and internal linking. Link building also plays a key role in your SEO efforts.

What does it cost?

The first thing to know about SEO is that it takes time, effort, and yes – Money! It’s a long term process but can have great benefits for your business.

As your website will need ongoing analysing and updating we find that a monthly retainer model works best. We will set a monthly budget based on your requirements.

At the end of every month you will receive a report containing key website stats including conversions or KPIs which will be agreed at the outset.

We will have a meeting or call every month to discuss your website’s performance and to agree the priorities for the month ahead.

We wont hold you to a minimum term for an SEO service retainer, we’ll just ask you give us 30 days notice so we can tidy up and hand over any final information for future reference.

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SEO Services

Keyword Research

Research keywords relating to your products + services. Identify opportunities to attract new high value traffic.

Content Creation

When it comes to SEO, content is king. We will help you with content audits and also provide content writing services.

On-Page Optimisation

Your content is properly optimised with links, image alt tags and meta descriptions to tell search engines what your webpages are about.

Analytics + Reporting

We use analytics software to monitor how visitors reach your website and how they use your site allowing you to track website performance.


The process of increasing the number of quality links to your website from others, this can be highly valuable in boosting your rankings.

Local SEO

Optimise your site for your local audience. We’ll add  opening hours, directions and contact details to ensure you are visible to your local customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know more about our SEO services? Have a look at some the the frequently asked questions below and get in touch for more information.

If you have an existing website, we will start by carrying out an SEO Audit. This will allow us identitfy any underlying issues that may be stopping your website from being properly crawled by Google and other search engines. We will then provide you with a detailed report of the Audit findings and suggest changes to your website which will help to maxamise your chances of improving rankings.

For new website projects, we will spend time within our initial planning phase of the project to define your website users, their needs, then we will suggest a structure which will give you the best chance of making an impact on search engines.

We have flexible pricing options for our SEO Services. The most common option is a monthly retainers where we will agree goals and set a relative budget to help you meet those goals.

We can also carry out an SEO audit with a final report for a set fee. You can take this report and decide yourself on the next steps with our recommendations.

Results from SEO will vary depending on the comeptition in your industry or sectory. You may be in a niche with little comeptition meaning results could be quicker, however if you are in a saturated market with high levels of competition from well established websites then it will take considerably longer to get results. It will be worth it in the long run.

Remember that the goal of SEO is to establish and maintain a consistent flow of relvant traffic to your website. You shouldn’t see SEO as a quick fix, once your site is properly set up you should see SEO as a long term strategy to attract sales leads and customers.

At the heart of SEO is great website content. You need to delight your users and keep them engaged, noone knows your customers better than you! So, yes there is plenty you can do in terms of content writing and strategy to assist us when we work on your website.

There are technical elements of SEO where you need specific coding knowledge which you will need an SEO export for. At LD2 Digital, we can help you market your business online and let you focus on the day to day running of your business.

The aim of SEO is to provide a consistent stream of organic website traffic, meaning people will find your site at the top of the “free” listings when they search for a relevant keyword. The bivoud benfit of this is that you are not paying for clicks via Google Ads.

Google Ads certiantly has its place within your overall Marketing strategy if you have the budget they can be a good complement for ongoing search engine optimisation.

SEO certinatly can help you achieve sustained growth over time.

We wont tie you into a long term contract, we will invoice you on a monthly basis and have regular conversations to ensure you udnerstand what work is being carrier out and to measure the success of the SEO work.

If you decide to opt out at any time we simply require you to pay up until the end of the current month and will provide a handover at the end of that month.